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Surf & Beaches

Ekas Bay, a remote and beautiful bay in South East Lombok has a variety of waves on offer for all levels of surfer. From awesome hollow barrelling waves, rifling across coral reefs, to chilled out beach breaks where the waves can run for over 150m and are perfect for beginners. All the breaks can be surfed all day from sunrise to sunset. Boat ride to break takes about 2-3min.

Local Waves

Ekas Beach Break

This beautiful bay is the perfect beach for our surf lessons and for beginners. An easy paddle out over a calm lagoon brings you to gentle right breaking waves of 1-3ft max, that peel away for ever & ever. It is a very safe beach being only 1-1.5m deep, so you are only at waist depth at any given time. This is also an amazing bay for Kitesurfing, as it offers a huge bay with consistent winds.

Ekas Outside

Outside Ekas is a Powerful, long & hollow wave that breaks left under a cliff face. This wave offers an experienced surfer the wave of a life time. When its cooking expect a left hand wave with a steep drop in, with 2-3 barrel sections on the wave and a long wall giving multiple sections to smash. Best on mid to high tide and definitely for experienced and advanced surfers only.

Ekas Inside

Is a great wave for the intermediate – advanced surfer. Perfect for shortboards, mini mals, longboards, SUP’S and BodyBoarders. The best way to get to Ekas Inside is to get a free boat ride on our resort boat or at low tide you can walk along the beach for about 10 min, paddle out will take you about 5 min. Ekas has an amazing A- frame set up and generally has swell all year round. However, the waves are cooking & cranking from April until early November. Beautiful waves from 4-6ftcan be expected most days. However, when the swell arrives from the SSW-WSW direction, anything from 6-12ft can be experienced. On a low-mid tide, Ekas inside runs for 150m both right & left. Once you make the gentle take off, a huge high-performance wave section presents itself, through to a barrelling section on the inside. High tide Ekas inside has a beautiful left breaking wave running for 150m into the channel. An easy take off and a beautiful wave face opens up on small days but on bigger days 6ft + there is an awesome barrelling section to pull into or to simply smash, followed by an awesome tail section that runs into the channel.

Southern Reef

Southern reef is a right hand breaking wave that offers an awesome barrelling section and holds swell up to 10ft. Generally, it breaks at 4-6ft and is an easy paddle out. However, if you’re not wanting a high-performance wave like that, there are many other left/right peaks to choose from along the rest of the empty beach all for yourself.


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More waves to check out…


Is 20-30 min by car from Ekas and has 5 different spots to surf. So you’re certain to get waves on most days.

Inside Gerupuk or Bumbang Bay

A right hand breaking reef wave. Suitable for beginners -intermediate surfers, it has fun waves with a long walls and a forgiving take off. You can surf this break all year round. Best on an incoming tide and can hold up to 10ft solid.

Outside Gerupuk or Gili Golong

A solid right hand wave that is good at mid to high tide. Multiple peaks offer steep take offs but bend into a super hollow and fast inside section. Can hold 8-10ft but is best at 4-6ft, best from October to April.


It needs a big swell to break. Don Don is a perfect A-frame peak walling and breaking both left and right. Suitable for all level of surfers. Consistent wave as long as the winds are light. Works on any tide but best surfed on a out going tide.

Kid's Point Or Pelawangan

A right hand breaking wave. It needs big swell to work but when it works, its barrel after barrel. Best on incoming tide.

Seger Beach

Located just 2 km from Kuta, it is a right reef break with 1 or 2 lefts off the peak. A good place to surf on mid tides and offshore winds. A great spot, with short tubes and decent walls to lay into. Best around Oct-April.

Bangko Bangko or Desert Point

This world class Left hand breaking Reef wave is situated on the South West Coast of Lombok. A 3 hr drive from Ekas will bring you to Desert Point which is regarded as one of the best waves on the planet. Massive long 15-20 sec barrels are on offer if you’ve got the skills. Advanced to Professional skills that is. Full or new moon low tides, a south east wind and a big swell are needed to get this spot firing on all cylinders. Its most consistent from May to October.

Are Guling

A right hand reef break located on the west side of Kuta. Access by boat and land is possible. This break is one of the best right hander on the South Coast. Mid to low tides can see the inside section doubling up and barreling. A left hander on the other side of the bay is surfable, though only when its small. Need a north-west wind, most common from October to April. Are Guling can hold 8-10ft when perfect, but is best at 4-6ft.


Located 20 minutes west of Kuta. This reef break offers a nice peak nice short hollow rights and lefts. At 6f-10ft plus, Mawi transforms into a heaving left barrel, with steep drops, smoking hot barrels but if you don’t make your take off , some heavy hold downs await you. Best on mid tides and a south east trade wind and it cooks from May to September.


Serewah / Southern Reef Beach

The south coast is lined by beautiful white sand beaches easily approached by car, 4-wheeler motorbike taking about 10-15min to drive to Serewah/southern Reef beach. This wave comes to life Dec-Feb; however, you’ll need a 4WD to reachit in wet season. It is best in the early-mid morning, when the winds are so light that you can see the fish below you as you cruise a perfect tropical barrel. The beach here is protected by an offshore reef, which means you get calm waters over the inner lagoon. Southern reef is an easy paddle out but if you’re not wanting a high-performance wave like that, there are many other peaks to choose from along the rest of the empty beach all for yourself. There is a huge headland at the western end of the beach which can be easily climbed. Once up there it offers spectacular views and wonderful photo opportunities of the entire beach and surf breaks.

Pink Beach

Tangsi Beach, better known as Pink Beach is on the island’s far south-eastern shore, and it’s one of only 10 pink sand beaches in the world. Indonesia boasts two beautiful pink beaches with the other being on the island of Flores. The pink sand comes from the red coral reefs that surround the area that get eroded by the waves and tides. If you really want to see the pinkness of this beach, you should visit it near sunrise or sunset time. This is the best time because when the sun hits the sand it creates the perfect pink hue. Enjoy a day out snorkelling the reefs and beaches surrounding Pink Beach and have a light meal. For a stunning view from above the beach, consider an easy 30minute hike up the hillside and you’ll be spoilt with breath taking views.

Kaliantan Beach

Next up is Kaliantan which is a long empty pristine beach, where you can kitesurf in paradise with very few others. It has a huge outside reef which offers protection and offers a large shallow lagoon which is perfect for beginners, but it also has sections with waves for the more experienced who want something to launch huge airs off of. Arguably one of the best kite surfing beaches in the world. You can kite from 10am but best time for kitesurfing is 12pm-5pm.

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