Credit Cards

We accept Visa and Master Cards. A credit card fee of 3% will be charged.


We recommend you exchange\draw your money at the Airport or on-route. Closest ATM is 30 min away from the resort.
The Indonesian national currency is the Rupiah (Rp). The exchange rate is around IDR 15,000 to the US dollar but check for current rates before you travel. US dollars are the best currency to take if you want to exchange in the country and cash machines are available in cities and major tourist areas.


Passport, copy of passport, Airline tickets, copy of Airline tickets, Visa (if needed) copy of Visa Itinerary/Hotel/Other Travel information, copy of travel insurance,
copy of emergency contacts (name, email, and phone numbers).


We can assist with all domestic flights, please contact us to arrange. Lombok receives direct international flights from quite a few countries now, and there are many more which will be added over the next few years. Currently Scoot Air via Singapore, Air Asia and Garuda Air via Kuala Lumpur.
Flying to Lombok internally, there are direct flights to Lombok from Bali, Jakarta, Jogja, and Surabaya. So please consider Lion Air, Wing Air, Batik Air, Citilink & Garuda. These are the airlines to use anywhere in Indonesia.
Bali-Lombok-Bali: has many daily flights between each other and both ways. Flight time is 30min. Please use Garuda, Lion or Wing Air for this. Whilst all airlines do their utmost to stay on schedule, there are times when they don’t, so when you plan & book try and give yourself plenty of time between flights.
(LOP) Lombok International Airport is a 1-hour pleasant drive.

Lombok By Sea

Pandang Bai Harbour in Bali provides Ferries to Lembar Harbour Lombok. There are also fast boats operating out of Serangan & Pandang Bai Harbours in Bali.
Bangsal harbour or Tuluk Nara are the 2 places to get a slow or fast boat from Lombok to Gilli Trawangan, Gilli Meno & Gilli Air. Fast boat takes about 15-20min.


We can arrange transport to and from anywhere in Lombok.

Vehicle Transfers to/from Airport: IDR 500.000 per vehicle per way

Vehicle Transfers to/from Kuta: IDR 500.000 per vehicle per way

Vehicle Transfers to/from Bangsal / Sengiggi: IDR 750.000 per vehicle per way

Other Vehicle Transfers on request

Activities For Non-Surfers

We have loads of non-beach activities to keep non-surfers entertained. Tours, Pool and our Entertainment Centre which has table tennis, darts and other fun things to keep you busy for days.

Restaurant & Bar

Our super awesome Surfers Breakfast is included in your room rate and is served from 7am-10am. Breakfast consists of all your favourites and some surprises. Our bar serves a variety of local beers, cocktails, spirits and cooldrinks. Opening time for Lunch/Dinner will be from 12pm – 10pm


Our menu has been designed to ensure that everyone irrelevant or their preferences will find a starter, main course & dessert guaranteed to satisfy and fill all hungry tummy’s.


All rooms have Mini bars, private bathroom, air conditioning & safe.


Available for free throughout the resort.

Surfers Abilities

Our beach break is perfect for beginners and children, whilst most days Inside is 3-6ft with a gentle take off and a long left & right wall. It is seldom crowded, so you can relax, chill take your time and surf as many waves as you want. There’s surf from 6am – 6pm.


For those who already surf, get paddle fit and ready to take advantage of cooking waves.


We have a huge selection of boards to hire, from foam boards for beginners to fishes, shortboards, mini mals and longboards for intermediate and advanced surfers. We also hire out SUP’s. You don’t have to travel with a board. Just arrive, choose a board and paddle out.

However, if you and your board where just made for each other, then please bring it with. Please check with your airline about max length of the boards they accept and whether there’s an extra charge.


Rooms have at least 3 sockets for charging devices. In Lombok you can expect the 2-pin socket and plug as used in larger parts of Europe & Aussie. The standard used in Lombok is a two-pin plug (round): Voltage: 230 V. Frequency: 50 Hz. Power sockets: type C / F
Electronics: Don’t forget your Notebook/tablet, camera, phone, Go Pro, Drone and ALL chargers & adaptors necessary. Plus consider zip-lock bags for keeping them safe from water damage.

Ding Repairs

We offer a same day ding repair where possible.

Places Close By

  • Desert Point/Bangko Bangko: 2hrs boat/car/motor bike
  • GERUPAK: 20 min by car/motor bike,
  • KUTA: 30-45 min by car/motor bike
  • MAWI:45-60 min car/motor bike
  • PINK BEACH: 30min by 4×4 vehicle, 45 min by normal car/motor bike
  • TANJUNG Fish Market 30min by car/motor bike
  • LOP International Airport 1hr car/motor bike
  • Mataram 3hrs car/motor bike

Travel Requirements

Passport and return airline tickets are essential. Travellers from most countries receive visas upon arrival but be safe and check with your local Indonesian Embassy for Visa requirements. It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance – just in case!


There is Malaria present in Lombok. Insect repellent is necessary in the evenings. We strongly urge all our guests to wear repellent at dawn and in the evenings.


All of our boats are fitted with a first aid kit and a phone in case of an emergency. We also have a first aid kit at the resort to deal with small things like cuts & scrapes from the reef. However, if there is something that specifically works for you, then please bring it with but consider that some prescription medication requires a note from your GP before international travel. If you are taking prescription medication, please check with your GP before departure.
If you have problems with your ears, consider bringing plugs or ear drops to help prevent ear infections.

No Pets Allowed

Whilst we are animal lovers, we prefer to keep the resort pet free.


We recommend Zinc Oxide for the face and a waterproof sunscreen for the body. Bring a rash guard or a wetsuit top for extra protection.


Lombok has a tropical & humid climate. Tropical rainfall can be expected during the wet season (December – Feb). A year-round average of about 32’C (85’F) during the day and 25’C (75’F) at night.

Lombok Culture & Customs

Dress appropriately when visiting anyone in the local village. A sulu (sarong or wrap around) with a shirt is acceptable for both men and women when visiting. Remove footwear when entering a Lombok home. Never sit facing your feet directly to anyone. Also, please consider removing your hat & sunglasses when entering a homestead.


We do unfortunately not accept bookings from families with children under the age of 5yrs old.


Collective gratuities are accepted at check-out. All our staff contribute to your stay, so we combine all gratuities and distribute equally to staff at the end of each month.

Not Included In ACCOMMODATION Rate?

Airport transfers, organized activities (please see activities tab), boat trips to Outside Ekas and Southern Reef, bar drinks and snacks, laundry, massages, gratuities, room mini bar, lunch and dinner.

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