Pink Beach Snorkelling
(60 USD per person)

Experience a snorkelling trip out to some of the most magnificent coral reefs fringing our island, where you will see a wide array of parrot fish, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, clown fish, sea anemones, reef sharks and large amount of absolutely stunning soft and hard corals after which a light snack & drink can be had at Pink Beach which is a unique experience as there are only 10 pink beaches in the world.

Snorkelling & Beach BBQ
(80 USD per person)

We will take you to one on of our secret snorkelling spots. We have specifically chosen these beautiful reefs as they will give you a huge and diverse underwater experience. You will be taken to 2 different reefs in the morning and allowed to snorkel for as long as you want. This is followed by a delicious BBQ lunch on a deserted tropical beach. After which it’s off to snorkel at Shark Island. The sharks are small-medium size black tip reef sharks and are perfectly safe to snorkel with. There are also beautiful reefs with huge drop off walls with a stunning array of fish and corals.

Surf/Tour Combo
(100 USD per person)

DAY 1:
Surfing theory/orientation
2 Guided surfs
Use of surfboard & rash vest
1 x Bottle water
1 x Bintang Beer/Cocktail

DAY 2:
Tour of your choice:
Pink Beach snorkelling
Followed by a guided surf in the afternoon

Use of surfboards & rash vest
1 x bottle of water
1 x Bintang Beer/Cocktail

Benang Stokel Waterfalls & Jungle Rafting Tour

Enjoy a breath-taking day exploring 5 different waterfalls, all located in The Aik Berik Forest which is one of the hiking trails of Mt Rinjani. The 2 most popular waterfalls are Kelambu & Benang Stokel which allow amazing hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rock jumping and photo opportunities.
A lovely lunch is served at the base of one of the beautiful waterfalls. After lunch there is a choice of hiking to the other 3 waterfalls or enjoying a super fun 2.5hrs rafting or tubing down the river.
Experienced guides will share knowledge about the area, animals and nature and ensure that the 5km rafting route is a perfect combination of adrenaline, fun & safety. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.


Combo: Waterfall & Jungle Rafting Tour
Park Fee, Lunch & Bottled water included
(100 USD per person)
5 different Waterfalls Tour
Park Fee, Lunch & Bottled water included
(80 USD per person)
Jungle Rafting Tour
Lunch & Bottled Water Included
(80 USD per person)

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